Harrogate 2016 – Saturday Update

Hello there G&Sers! just a short update today as we’re incredibly busy in the run up to the show (it’s tomorrow AAAAAAHHH!).

Yesterday comprised mainly of running both acts and working on some individual elements to get them as polished as possible ready for the festival. Seeing the whole show come together was a wonderful treat and we’re very pleased as we enter the home stretch.

And now, as tradition dictates, two rehearsal pics to feast your eyes upon. Today’s star is Jacob, who is playing “Dick Dauntless” – Paint me like one of your french mariners, anyone?

That’s all for today, as we’re about to start our dress runs. Check back tomorrow for more information and rehearsal pics, now with 100% more costumes! Alternatively come and see the performance tomorrow in person, 2:30pm at the Savoy Theatre, Harrogate – it would be so lovely to see some familiar faces in the audience! As always, wishing you much G&S love.

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