Opportunity to join our committee

We are on the market for a new member of our Press & Publicity team! If you love Photoshop, press releases and most importantly puns, then we want to hear from you! The role involves all things advertising, including social media, posters and flyers, and liaising with press and reviewers. You will need to attend our committee meetings (Thursday evenings, usually 6.30pm) and work alongside our current team members, Jenny & Stefan (they’re lovely, honest).

We are also looking for another Social Secretary to work with our current Social Sec, Jacob (who is also lovely). This role involves planning the socials after rehearsals, such as the famous and well loved D-bar, and also any other socials outside our normal Thursday evenings. You will also need to attend our committee meetings.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, please send an email to our secretary Miriam (gsyork@yusu.org) to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll arrange for you to pitch at a forthcoming committee meeting (they’re very informal and you don’t need to prepare loads).

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