Mikado 2018

It is with great honour I am proud to announce that this year’s main show is The Mikado. As a society, the last time we performed the Mikado was in 2009, so its high time we perform it to our wonderful audience again. The show will be Directed by Jan Li Tan, Artistically Directed by Emma Whitworth with the Musical Director as Ellie Drew.

Nanki-Poo – Henry Strutt
Pish-Tush – Sophie Collerton
Pooh-Bah – Callam Neville
Ko-Ko – Alasdair Stroud
Yum-Yum – Ellen Rhiannon Garbutt
Pitti-Sing – Libby Phippard
Peep-Bo – Lucy Tee
Go-To – Isaac Saward
Mikado – Alphaeus Talks
Katisha – Xiao Li Wang

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