Since our formation in 1972 under first Committee Chairman, Frank Banks, our society has gone on to enjoy over 47 years of performances of Gilbert and Sullivan’s collaborative works right from their first, ‘Trial by Jury’, to their last ‘The Grand Duke’. In most recent years our society performs one show each term, a 48 Hour Show in which we audition, rehearse and perform a G&S opera in 48 hours, a ‘pull out all the stops’ Main Show, and then a less intensive Summer Show at the end of the academic year.

This academic year’s performances will consist of a collaboration concert with Jorvik Gilbert & Sullivan Society in the autumn term, our main show ‘The Mikado’ in the spring term in the Joseph Rowntree Theatre and our 48hr production of ‘Iolanthe’. We will also be Carolling in the city of York in the autumn term. Our current committee is headed by Amina Lien with the rest of the society is made of like-minded G&S pundits.

This website was created by Alice Rathbone but is administrated by our current webmaster Alfie Talks. Any inquiries or suggestions should be directed to the society’s email or to the webmasters on our contact page.

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