Another Openin’, Another Show 2005

We’re currently looking for more information and pictures from this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This is the 16th Summer Show that appears in our archives. It was was performed in Langwith Dining Hall on 24th-26th June 2005.


Anything Goes – Caz Bennett and chorus
Carousel – Holly Carter
Kiss Me Kate – Alex Mortlock
South Pacific – Jay Paranada
My Fair Lady – Helen Steel and male chorus
The Sound Of Music – Rebecca Mellor and female chorus
West Side Story – Sarah Howe, Holly Carter, Alan Stewart, Richard Sunley and male chorus
Cabaret – Laura McCrea
Grease – Alan Stewart, Leah Duffield and chorus
Sweet Charity – chorus

Chicago – Caz Bennett, Frankie Thomas, Leah Duffield, Holly Carter, Siobhan Barrass, Rebecca Mellor
A Chorus Line – Sarah Howe
Evita – James Armstrong, Helen Steel
Little Shop Of Horrors – Andrew Lawson, Siobhan Barrass and chorus
Cats – Fiona Constantine
Starlight Express – Chris Charlton, Stuart Gallagher
Blood Brothers – Liz Kelly, J. Mark Pim and chorus
Les Miserables – Chris Charlton, Richard Sunley, Rebecca Mellor, Emily Rothman, James Armstrong, Alex Mortlock, Andy Lawson and chorus
Chess – Liz Kelly, Helen Steel
The Phantom of the Opera – J. Mark Pim
Miss Saigon – Laura McCrea, Stuart Gallagher
The Lion King – Jay Paranada, Fiona Constantine, Caz Bennett, Alan Stewart and chorus
And you host for the evening – Alex Gurney


Adam Foster, Claire Laughtron, Rachel Kent, Helen Roberts, Nick Lay, Stuart Roberts, Lois Cross, James Butterworth, Sara Mao, Ruby Lee, Stephanie Radi


Keyboards – Matthew Collins, Robbie Berryman
Cornet – Robbie Berryman
Saxophone – Alec Robinson
Bass guitar – Phil McPhee
Drums – Adam Leith


Director – Laura Dalton
Musical Director – Matthew Collins
Technical Director – Andy Vick

Repetiteur – Robbie Berryman
Choreography – Laura Dalton and Caz Bennett
Front of House – Tor Steventon

Technical Consultant – Max Weitzmann
Stage Manager – Iain Dempsey
Stage Crew – Chris Armstrong
Sound Manager – Peter Harbottle
Lighting Manager – Andy Vick
Lighting – Steven Purvis, Tor Steventon
Set design – Laura Dalton, Tor Steventon
Set construction – members of the cast and crew
Costumes – Laura Dalton, Rebecca Mellor, Holly Carter

Press and Publicity – Fiona Constantine, Alan Stewart, Bryony Davies


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