Anything Goes & Blood Brothers 2000

We’re currently looking for more information and pictures from this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This is the 11th Summer Show that appears in our archives.

This Summer Show consisted of a double production of Cole Porter’s 1934 upbeat and carefree musical ‘Anything Goes, and Willy Russel’s heartbreaking 1983 musical tragedy ‘Blood Brothers’.


Blood Brothers

Narrator: Pen Grant

Mrs Johnstone: Nicola Hughes

Mickey Johntone: Simon Fisk

Edward Lyons: Nicholas Termperley

Mrs Lyons: Caz Gillman

Mr Lyons: Mark Hildred

Linda: Laura Mullin

Sammy: Peter Rodger

Donna Marie/ Miss Jones: Louise Pullen

Anything Goes

Reno Sweeney: Julia Straw

Billy: Mark Hildred

‘Moon Face’ Martin: Tom Paine

Hope Harcourt: Nancy Brooke

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh: Nicholas Temperley

Captain: Simon Fisk

Reno’s Grandchildren: Jane De Gruchy, Louise Pullen and Donna Sams

Reno’s Angels: Claire Allen, Jo Dimmock, Gillian Howard, Kathy Lawsom, Vicki Russel-Smith and Leanne Sedin.

Combined Chorus

Claire Allen, Katie Ashmore, Nancy Brooker, Jo Dimmock, Rachel Green, Jane De Gruchy, Gillian Howard, Douglas Johnson, Clare Noble, Sarah McLaren, Joy Ruff, Donna Sams, Jenny Share, Helen Shepherd and Peter Tyler.


Blood Brothers

Artistic Director: Tabitha King

Musical Director: Martin Hughes

Assistant Director: Helen Shepherd

Keyboards 1: Martin Hughes

Keyboards 2: Tom Indge

Alto Saxophone: Liz Kearton

Trumpet: Jeremy Lankshear

Drums: Jamie Smith

Anything Goes

Artistic Director: Kirstie Smallman

Musical Director: Liz Kearton

Choreographer: Vicky Farnworth

Keyboard: Mark Swinton

Alto Saxophone/ Piccolo: Liz Kearton

Bass Guitar: Chris Kearton

Drums: Jamie Smith


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