Conductor & Artistic Director Biographies


The show is coming ever closer, with just 2 weeks until opening night. It is, therefore, time to introduce you to two important people for the show. These are the conductor and artistic director.


Carlos Zamora Perez  – Conductor 

Carlos holds many impressive qualifications under his belt.

Since 2016 he is a Ph.D. student at the University of York, under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Simaku. In this period he has received two awards from the University: the “Sir Jack Lyons Award 2016” to compose a Concerto for Recorder and Chamber Orchestra, and the “Terry Holmes Commission Award 2017” to compose a Piano Concerto. He has been invited by the Gilbert and Sullivan Society to conduct the opera “The Mikado”, and we are extremely happy to have him back. 

Carlos Zamora Perez

Jacob Seldon – Artistic Director

Jay is a first-year theatre student who is incredibly excited to be involved in his first foray into the world of Gilbert and Sullivan! He has had an amazing time working with such a talented cast (who have made his job super easy!). He would like to thank them for their hard work invested into the show, as taking the directing reins has been no mean feat, but the silly songs and artfully awful jokes has made the whole experience of bringing Pirates of Penzance to life worth it!