Guys and Dolls 2006

We’re currently looking for more information and pictures from this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This is the 17th Summer Show that appears in our archives.

A selection of songs From Frank Loesser’s Broadway smash, ‘Guys and Dollls’.

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Committee 2006/07

Chairperson: Andrew Lawson

Secretary: Frankie Thomas

Treasurer: Matt Ferguson

Press & Publicity: Leah Duffield, Mark Pim & Helen Roberts

Webmaster: Nick Lay

Archivist: Lois Cross

Ordinary Members: James Armstrong, Lauren Mathews, Thomas Newby & Stuart Roberts


Guys & Dolls Crew:

Artistic Directors: Aly Challoner and Michael Slater

Musical Director: Robbie Berryman

Technical Director: Peter Harbottle

Assistant Musical Director: Matthew Collins

Choreographer: Siobhan Barrass

Front of House Manager: Fiona Constantine

Set & Costumes: Society Members

Stage Manager: Chris Armstrong

Assistant Stage Manager: Anna Taylor

Props Co-Ordinator: Emma Charnley

Technical Consultant: Andrew Vick

Lighting Manager: Steven Day

Lighting Assistants: Daisy Davies & Jennifer Shields

Sound Manager: Peter Harbottle

Sound Operator: Sarah Case


Guys & Dolls Cast:

Sky Masterson: Oliver Regan

Nathan Detroit: James Armstrong

Nicely-Nicely Johnson: James Knowles

Benny Southstreet: Andrew Lawson

Rusty Charley: Matt Ferguson

Big Jule: Chris Charlton

Harry the Horse: Thomas Newby

Society Max: Stuart Roberts

Angie the Ox/Joey Biltmore: Bill Ruddock

Sarah Brown: Wendy Weinerman

Adelaide: Leah Duffield

Mimi: Sarah Cawley

Adelaide’s Girls: Miranda De Silva & Sarah Levene

Arvide: Abernathy: Nick Lay

Lt. Brannigan: Frankie Thomas

General Matilda B. Cartwright: Lauren Mathews

Agatha: Lois Cross

Martha: Christine Lees

Calvin: Mark Pim

Unnamed Chorus: Suzanne Bell, Helen Bourne, James Butterworth, Clare Greener, Karrie Liu, Richard Moorhouse, Helen Roberts, Rebekah Simpson, Rachel Sykes, Lucy Taylor & Florence Tennant.


The Band:

Clarinets: Catherine Jack & Penny Wilson

Flute/Alto Sax: Frances Charlwood

Alto Sax: Jon Aitken

Tenor Sax: Josh Bellerby

Trumpets: Adair Elder & Jon Tandy

Keyboard: Matthew Collins

Bass: Phil McPhee

Drums: Adam Leith



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