Iolanthe 1981

We’re currently looking for more information about this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This was the 9th Main Show performed by the society.

To go to the gallery for this production follow this link: Iolanthe 1981 Gallery

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Committee 1980/81:

Honorary President: Donald Adams

Chairperson: Janet Starkie

Secretary: Chris Boot

Treasurer: Bernadette Forbes

Ordinary Members: Karen Garner, Jane Hitch, David Keefe, Sarah Ould, Vanessa Strachan, Paul Tayler & David Trollope


Iolanthe Crew:

Production Manager: Sarah Ould

Stage Manager: Cathy Linacre

Lighting: Mike Blakeston, John Hadlow, Martin Atkins & Andrew Baker

Front of House: Alison Bilsborough, Josephine Ayres, Elizabeth Bentley, Sue Bowers, Maria Dziubajlo, Bridget Gunson, Ann Kenny, Marion Kenwright, Patricia Wallen & Pamela Wilkinson

Publicity: Karen Garner, David Trollope & Paul Tayler

Rehearsal Accompanists: John Cranmer & Jane Hitch

Wardrobe: Jane Hitch & Janet Starkie

Artwork & Scenery: Sarah Ould

Backstage: Kevin Boscott, Megan Evans, Ian Harker & Mark Hatton

Make-Up: Rebecca Martin & Catherine Sturt

Box Office: Bernadette Forbes

Refreshments: Audrey Price


… for Central Hall: Mike Powell, Mike Blakeston & Rob Whitton


Iolanthe Cast:

The Lord Chancellor: Sean Hale

Iolanthe: Christine Little

Strephon: Jonathon Bryans

Phyllis: Bernadette Forbes

Queen of the Fairies: Margaret Dodd

Earl of Mountararat: Andy Headford

Earl Tolloller: Neil Barton

Celia: Karen Garner

Leila: Alison Conn

Fleta: Jane Hitch

Private Willis: Chris Rees

Chorus of Peers: John Avery, Andy Boon, Chris Boot, Mark Crowder, Nick Kent, Alistair McMahon, Tony Nelson, John Paintin, Derek Price, Paul Tayler, David Trollope & John Wall.

Chorus of Fairies: Veronica Bezodis, Susan Challenger, Anne Cheetham, Louise Chilton, Helen Christie, Sarah Creffield, Catherine Duke, Sally Hall, Debbie Holmes, Christine Ingham, Joanna Jenkins, Sally Jepson, Margaret Johnson, Ann Jones, Stella Lawson, Aniko Marok, Helen Meacock, Rebecca Nicholson, Sarah Ould, Sarah Plant, Carol Potter, Cathy Priest, Janet Senior, Sally Smith, Cathy Spencer, Jill Spencer, Janet Starkie, Vanessa Strachan, Susan Taylor & Rosalind Thackery.


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