Ordinary Members

Callum Neville

Callam is a music student who joined for the 2015 Summer Show. To his horror upon arrival, he discovered that Gilbert and Sullivan were not a drinking society as had been promised, but he was too awkward to say anything about it at the time and has been stuck as a member ever since. He played the emotionally complex and demanding role of Scynthius in the society’s Harrogate Festival production of Princess Ida and wowed the judges and audience alike with his delivery of show-stopping lines such as “Where?” and “I like Jewels”, before going on to play Sir Lionel in Ruddigore. Realising that there is no escape from G&S he decided to join the committee as a webmaster and become a director for the 2016 Summer Show so he could take down the society from the inside. To make this even more possible, he became the chair of the committee in 2017.  A very professional job indeed. This year, he has decided to become an ordinary member seeing as from September onwards, he won’t be here! As a proud Bristol native, his hobbies include cider, drinking cider, going to cider tastings and (occasionally) being haunted by badgers.

Juan Carlos Mellado Tenorio

Juan Carlos Mellado Tenorio comes from Spain. He is here to study his beloved biology, but he found at York the opportunity of satisfying his passion for art. He has never performed anything similar to The Mikado, so that was his first time on the stage. He sings in the University choir as well.

John Murphy O’Duinn

John is a 1st year Biochemistry student from London. He has an interest in musicals and was introduced to the world of Gilbert & Sullivan in the main show and saw how much everybody enjoyed themselves (both during the show and after at ‘The Crash’), which encouraged him to join the society. After a concerted effort from some of the existing members who were trying to persuade him to join, he became a member of the society in the latter part of the spring term 2018.

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