Harrogate 2016 – Monday update (SHOW DAY!)

Hello there G&Sers! We're here, we're here, we're finally here! The day is upon us and we were all up bright and early to get to Harrogate and finally see our wonderful set, courtesy of the Savoy theatre. Our tech run went amazingly and the orchestra is sounding beautiful (the overture is in full swing … Continue reading Harrogate 2016 – Monday update (SHOW DAY!)

Harrogate 2016 – Saturday Update

Hello there G&Sers! just a short update today as we're incredibly busy in the run up to the show (it's tomorrow AAAAAAHHH!). Yesterday comprised mainly of running both acts and working on some individual elements to get them as polished as possible ready for the festival. Seeing the whole show come together was a wonderful … Continue reading Harrogate 2016 – Saturday Update

Harrogate 2016 – Friday Update

Hey there G&Sers, it's your friendly neighbourhood webmasters here with another daily update! And oh what a day it was. We tackled the mammoth task that is the Act 1 Finale and several hours, many "happy lilies", a plethora¬†of"bad baronets", and a cheeky little hornpipe later it is done! We also ran through some ghostly … Continue reading Harrogate 2016 – Friday Update

Harrogate 2016 – Thursday Update

Good morning G&Sers, we're back with another daily update to brighten up your day! Yesterday we had an exciting arrival in the form of Adrian, who is playing our "Old Adam" for this production, so we have been greatly enjoying running through his scenes and fitting him into our group numbers. to herald his arrival … Continue reading Harrogate 2016 – Thursday Update

Harrogate 2016 – Wednesday Update

It's full steam ahead¬†here in York (so much so that I forgot to publish this until the afternoon, sorry) but never fear, your daily update is here! Yesterday we finished the Act 2 Finale in record time and began tackling the herculean task that is the Act 1 finale. Fun fact: it's almost 15 consecutive … Continue reading Harrogate 2016 – Wednesday Update

Harrogate 2016 – Tuesday Update

Good morning to you G&Sers, it's that time again. What time, you ask? well, time for another daily update! Things are coming along swimmingly with many of the scenes beginning to take shape very quickly and several looking quite polished already (if we say so ourselves, and we do) to round off this update, as … Continue reading Harrogate 2016 – Tuesday Update

Harrogate 2016 – Monday Update

Greetings and Salutations Gilberts and/or Sullivans! Harrogate week is upon us and rehearsals are already in full swing, with new cast members (hooray!), role changes (Double Hooray!) and new choreography to learn (not quite so hooray). We're going to be in for a busy few days getting up to speed, but things are already looking … Continue reading Harrogate 2016 – Monday Update

Gondoliers 2017 Directors

We are delighted to announce that we have decided on our new directorial team for Gondoliers: Artistic Directors - Stefan Grant and Ellen Garbutt Musical Director - Toby Randall Paley Producer - Jake Adams Our congratulations go out to the new directors and we look forward very much to seeing how great a show we … Continue reading Gondoliers 2017 Directors

Cast Announcement for our production of Ruddigore at Harrogate 2016

The University of York's Gilbert and Sullivan Society will once again be returning to the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in Harrogate to perform in UNIfest 2016. We will be reviving and refreshing our main show from this year, Ruddigore, and will be performing on Monday 8th August 2016. Last year we took home several … Continue reading Cast Announcement for our production of Ruddigore at Harrogate 2016

Gondoliers 2017 pitches

Son of a pitch, is it pitching time already? We are looking for a new prod team (ADs, MD and TechD) for our 2017 main show - The Gondoliers! Don't miss this exciting opportunity to cast and direct a large-scale operetta in Central Hall! Deadline to send us your written pitch is Wednesday 15th June … Continue reading Gondoliers 2017 pitches