Press and Publicity Team

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer is a third-year theatre student who is obsessed with musical theatre, and if you know her, would have probably mentioned at some point she will be performing at The Other Palace Theatre, London, in a musical adaptation of Tess of the D’Urbervilles during Easter. Jennifer loves G&S Society having first performed with the society in Trial by Jury last summer. She then choreographed the wonderfully funny The Mikado at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre. Jennifer looks very much forward to the coming year of P&Ping and hopes you all enjoy spam (as in annoying posts, not the food).

Xiao Li Wang

Reading philosophical manga, strolling through international food markets, bedroom Zumba antics and amateur landscape photography are just a few of the many everyday pursuits this British-born Chinese history graduate enjoys. Whilst housing ambitions of a career possibly involving design and marketing, Xiao Li’s first loves are that of drawing and painting as well as playing the piano, doing Mandarin grammar exercises and attending Trinity Church York, having recently become a Christian. She is very excited for her second year as a Press and Publicity Officer for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society.

Jacob Taylor

Jacob is a second-year Music Technology student and P&P representative for the society with a great interest in music being a Classical Guitarist. Jacob has always been involved in the world of theatre, having parents that first met when they were rehearsing for a G&S show. Recent productions include My Boy Jack, Into The Woods, Songs For A New World, Ruddigore and The Gondoliers.

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