Press and Publicity Team


Sam Armstrong

Studies Theatre: Writing, Directing, and Performance. Credits include Chronicity (Writer and performer, TFTI, 2019), Pornography (The Lecturer, DramaSoc, 2019), The Grand Duke (Production Assistant, G&S, 2019), The Sorcerer (Director and Production Manager, G&S, 2020), Iolanthe (Production Manager, G&S, 2020), Ross and Rachel (Director, TFTI Emergence Festival, 2021)

Committee roles include Newbie Rep (SwingSoc, 2018-19), President (SwingSoc, 2019-2020), Web & Publicity Officer (SwingSoc, 2020-2021), Welfare Officer (G&S, 2020-2021).


Molly Raine

Studies History. The Sorcerer (Head Dresser, G&S, 2020), Pride and Prejudice (DramaSoc, 2020). Welfare Officer (SwingSoc, 2020-2021).

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