Princess Ida 2005

If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This was the 33rd Main Show performed by the society.

To go to the gallery for this production follow this link: Princess Ida 2005 Gallery


Chair: Chris Charlton

Secretary: Tor Steventon

Treasurer: James E. Butterworth

Press and Publicity: Joe Bennett and Rick Taylor

Ordinary Members: Stuart Gallagher, Ruadh Duggan and Ian Dempsey


Artistic Directors: Laura Dalton and Rebecca Mellor

Musical Director: Matt Collins

Repetiteur: Robbie Berryman

Technical Director: Andy Vick

Stage Manager: Max Weitzmann

Back of House Manager: Iain Dempsey

‘Backstage Wonder’: Emily Rothman

Sound Manager: Richard Ash

Sound Operator: Peter Harbottle

Lighting Manager: Matthew Williams

Lighting Operator: Natalie Barratt

Followspot Operators: Keith McKillop and Richard Ablitt

Creative Consultant: Victoria “Yes Tor” Steventon

Set Design: Laura Dalton, Rebecca Mellor, Victoria Steventon and Andrew Vick

Costume Design: Laura Dalton and Rebecca Mellor

Costume Creators: Siobhan Barrass, Holly Carter, Laura Dalton, Veronica Isaac, Rebecca Mellor and Linda Westwood

Props Co-ordinator: Holly Carter

Programme Design: Tick Taylor and Joe Bennett


Princess Ida: Rebecca Newman

Prince Hilarion: Joe Bennett

King Gama: Andrew Lawson

King Hildebrand: Chris Charlton

Lady Psyche: Tor Steventon

Lady Blanche: Danielle Haynes

Cyril: Rick Taylor

Florian: Alan Stewart

Melissa: Holly Carter

Chloe: Frankie Thomas

Sacharissa: Laura McCrea

Ada: Bryony Davis

Guron: Stuart Gallagher

Scynthius: Mark Pim

Arac: Alex Mortlock

Gama’s Ladies: Siobhan Barrass, Sarah Howe and Veronica Isaac

Female Chorus: Chloe Chen, Fiona Constantine, Lois Cross, Rachel Davis, Leah Duffield, Ruadh Duggan, Ellie Farrow, Sarah Harris, Samantha King, Sarah Mao, Helen Roberts, Rachael Stephenson and Karen Tonks.

Male Chorus: James E. Butterworth, Alex Gurney, Nick Lay, Matt Lucass, Steven Purvis, Stuart Roberts and Alex Robinson

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