Princess Ida 2015

This was the 43rd Main Show performed by the society in Spring 2015 which saw the ladies of Castle Adamant return to York with some new-found St. Trinian’s style attitude!

To go to the gallery for this production follow this link: Princess Ida 2015 Gallery

Gilbert and Sullivan Society Committee 2014/15:

Chairperson: Charlotte Gower

Secretary: Jessie Clark

Treasurer: Tom Ryalls

Press & Publicity: Katie Onyett

Webmaster: Matthew Kitchen

Sponsorship, Fundraising and Outreach: Sophie Hurst and Lydia Worrall

Social SecretariesVictoria Awobajo & Fliss Bott 

Ordinary Members: Jo Gledhill and Will Isted


Princess Ida Crew:

Artistic Directors:  Adrian Horan & Lydia Worrall

Musical Director: Jess Douglas

Technical Team: Emily Blackman-Gibson and Peter Estdale, Emily Parker Tom Ryalls

Costume: Jenny Anderton & Meredith Daniel 

Hair and Makeup: Charlotte Gower

Programme Design: Morven Hamilton

PR: Andrew Hurst

Poster Design: Sophie Collerton

Poster Artwork: Charlotte Gower

Princess Ida Cast:

Princess Ida: Annabel Gipp

Prince Hilarion: Alex Davison

King Gama: Ryan Greer

King Hildebrand: Tom ‘Bruggsy’ Bruggenwirth

Lady Psyche: Lily Manshel

Lady Blanche: George Pugh

Cyril: Andrew Hurst

Florian: Christopher Oates

Melissa: Eleanor Dunsdon

Chloe: Jenny Jones

Sacharissa: Fliss Bott

Ada: Loussin-Torah Pilikian

Guron: Andrew Fowles

Scynthius: Peter May

Arac: Will Isted

Chorus of Girl Graduates & Daughters of the Plough: Victoria Awobajo, Jess Burgess, Jessie Clark, Jenny Cooper, Heather Curnow, Miriam Gibson, Jo Gledhill, Charlotte Gower, Molly Hart, Katie Onyett, Alice Rathbone, Hannah Scregg and Claire Smith.

Chorus of Soldiers & Courtiers: Euan Brook, Rob Drane, Adrian Horan, Matt Leonard, Stuart Roberts and Daniel Wade.

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