Ruddigore 2016 Directorial Team

Jenny Jones and Claire Smith: Artistic Directors

The entity known as ‘Jennaire’

The story of Jenny and Claire begins a long time ago in a galaxy far far away – wait, it was only last year. From humble beginnings as minor characters in ‘Princess Ida’, they somehow convinced the society that they were responsible enough to take charge of the next main show – goodness knows how they managed that. With a combined background in music, theatre, musical theatre and all other variations of those words, Jenny and Claire combine to make a halfway-decent directorial team. Their vision: a somewhat traditional interpretation of ‘Ruddigore’ featuring ghosts, etiquette books and bridesmaids galore. Amongst other directorial perks, they look forward to being the ones telling people off for talking in rehearsals instead of being on the receiving end. Their interests outside G&S include their degrees in Music and Law respectively, and literally nothing else. When not manically preparing for ‘Ruddigore’, they spend their time plotting to rid York of middle-class crime, and have later ambitions to become super-villains to steal props from the Savoy Theatre. Whilst they haven’t come to blows so far, they also have yet to discuss carpet costs.

Chloe Reynolds: Musical Director

Chloe is a Violinist, Singer and (apparently) conductor! She was heavily involved with Brentwood’s Orchestras for Young Musicians for ten years, where she led the Junior String Orchestra and Phoenix Youth Orchestra. It was here that Chloe picked up the conductor’s baton for the first time, helping to conduct the younger ensembles. As a violinist, Chloe is the current leader of the Essex Youth Orchestra and leads the 16 Strings Quartet. Chloe has just finished her second year at York, studying Music, and during this time has been involved with a wide range of ensembles, including Symphony Orchestra, Baroque Ensemble, and of course, G&S Society! She led the orchestra for Princess Ida in 2015 and co-led for Iolanthe in 2014. She is incredibly excited to be on the other side of the podium for Ruddigore and can’t wait to get involved with creating what will hopefully be a fantastic show!

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