Sponsorship, Fundraising, and Outreach



James Mason

Studies Natural Sciences. Show credits include Countdown Schowcase (CHMS, 2018), King Lear (ShakeSoc, 2019), Romeo and Juliet (ShakeSoc, 2019), Robin Hood (PantSoc), Rapunzel (Performer and Stage Manager, PantSoc, 2020), The Sorcerer (G&S, 2020).



Amelia Davidson

Studies Social and Political Science. Amelia is a new member and an exceptionally disciplined performer, with a background in choir and dance, and participated in The Sorcerer (2020).



Johanna Marin

Undertaking a Master’s in Applied Linguistics. Johanna is a temporary member of committee this year, returning to Germany after the Harrogate G&S festival in August, but is a keen force for SF&O and a key member of the team.  She has a background in choir singing, and was part of The Sorcerer (2020).

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