Tenors and Basses

Finally, I get to introduce our wonderful men. These men are the most manly, able to prance around and sing to their heart’s content. So for your own sakes come and see us at the show!

Jacob Taylor – Frederic

Jacob is a third-year Music Technology student returning from a year in industry away in Swindon. Jacob has always been involved in the world of theatre, having parents both heavily involved in shows and in particular G&S. Some of Jacob’s recent productions include: “Trial By Jury”, “The Pirates of Penzance”, “Make Believe” and a directorial debut with “Straight & Narrow”. Jacob is hugely excited to be back performing for the G&S society and is looking forward to the challenge that Frederic will provide.


Frank Davies – Pirate King

Frank is a third-year student of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Despite having been a keen performer, conductor and busker outside of university, and having taken his grade 8 in musical theatre at 16, his time at York has seen little theatrical activity, focussing instead on quidditch and writing. He returns to the stage now to bring a flamboyant and bloodthirsty pirate king to life with a flair and vigour to make you dance on your seat or hide underneath it.


David Charter – Major General Stanley

David is a final year Biochemistry student and very much looking forward to playing the role of the Major General Stanley. David has been in several shows throughout university with different societies including G&S. Productions include “The Gondoliers”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Les Miserables”, and “Teechers”. He has also been the Musical Director for “Knights of the Round Table”, and Tech-ed “Straight & Narrow”.


Alfie Talks – Sergeant

Alphaeus is a third year Bioarchaeologist and when not in the lab or field can be found on stage. His passion through theatre is shown wherever he is with his ever prancing around. His most recent productions are “The Mikado”, “The Gondoliers” and in ITV’s “Victoria”. He is once again thrilled by the opportunity to show his expertise in acting as a buffoon.


Alasdair Stroud – Samuel

Alasdair is in his third year reading a Politics BA and has been involved in G&S since he joined the University back in 2016. He returns to the challenging role of Samuel – one step closer to performing in all of the G&S operettas… there is “no error I assure you”! Alasdair was the Secretary of the society during 2017-18 and continues to bring a laugh to all members, old and new! As he steps up to the stage of the JoRo for one final time, he can reflect upon his time with satisfaction – with the life lessons he has respectively learned and taught.


Juan Carlos Mellado Tenorio

Juan Carlos Mellado Tenorio is from Spain and came to York to study biology, which is also his passion. He found here the opportunity of satisfying his more artistic side. He performed for the first time last year in The Mikado as part of the male chorus and he is repeating this year in Pirates of Penzance. He sings in the University choir as well.


Tom Brierley

Tom is a first year archaeology student – this is his first G&S show although he’s always been fond of it. He can’t read music, it’s all noises and words to him, and he still don’t really know what a bar is (don’t tell anyone) – He’s enjoying the show either way.


Thomas Pierce

Thomas is undertaking a masters in Heritage Conversation but has managed to squeeze in a bit of music and choreography into his free time. He previously trained as a classical singer and has appeared in amateur operatic productions, including Carmen. His interests include reading, history, dogs and cider.


Alexander Myagkov

Alex has never acted before; with this show being his debut. Alex is also relatively new to G&S and doesn’t know where Penzance is. He recognised his love for theatre during sixth form when as part of The Shakespeare Society he saw a variety of shows at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Alex is a first year physics student and hopes to pursue a career in either aerospace or research.