The Gondoliers 2006

This is the first 48 Hour Show that appears in our archives.


Artistic Director: Lois Cross

Musical Director: Matthew Collins

Assistant Musical Director and Accompanist: Robbie Berryman



The Duke of Plaza-Toro: J. Mark Pim

The Duchess of Plaza-Toro: Fiona Constantine

Casilda: Clare Greener

Luiz: Matt Fergusson

The Grand Inquisitor: Jordan Hulne

Inez: Helen Bourne


Marco Palmieri: Chris Charlton

Giuseppe Palmieri: Michael Hall

Antonio: James Knowles

Francesco: Start Roberts

Giorgio: Bill Ruddock

Annibale: Stuart Roberts


Gianetta: Lauren Mathews

Tessa: Nickey Berkley

Fiametta: Clare Greener

Vittoria: Christine Lees

Giulia: Helen Bourne

Chorus: Lois Cross, Daisy Davies, Helen Roberts, Jenni Shield and Chris Lockwood


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