The Gondoliers 2011

We’re currently looking for more information about this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This was the 39th Main Show performed by the society.

To go to the gallery for this production follow this link: The Gondoliers 2011 Gallery

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Committee 2010/11

Chairperson: Hannah Tomlin

Secretary: Sian Lomax

Treasurer: Toby Foster

Sponsorship & Merchandising: Chris Charlton-Mathews

Press & Publicity: Chris Armstrong & Peter Estdale

Ordinary Members: Cecily Blench, Lauren Charlton-Mathews & James Gaughan

Website: Thomas Newby

Principal Repetiteur & Photographer: Koki Imada


The Gondoliers Crew:

Artistic Director: Sian Lomax

Musical Director: Tom Nichol

Technical Directors: Toby Foster & Ben Whitelam

Stage Manager: Ben Whitelam

Assistant Stage Managers: Megan Bryan & Louisa Lawson

Lighting: Toby Foster

Sound: Abigail Richardson

Follow-spot Operators: Bryony Cain & Ian Shaw


The Gondoliers Cast:

The Duke of Plaza-Toro: Thomas Newby

Luiz: Michael Houston

Don Alhambra Del Bolero: James Gaughan

Marco Palmieri: Chris Charlton-Mathews

Giuseppe Palmieri: James Knowles

Antonio: Tom Bruggerwith

Francesco: Daniel Stanford

Giorgio: Stijn Hanson

Annibale: Peter Estdale

The Duchess of Plaza-Toro: Helena Culliney

Casilda: Pippa Loughran

Gianetta: Annabel Medland

Tessa: Anna Stephenson

Fiametta: Jo Wood

Vittorio: Lauren Charlton-Mathews

Giulia: Zoe Buxton

Inez: Fiona Constantine

Chorus of Contandine: Cecily Blench, Lois Cross, Alison Foster, Morven Hamilton, Danielle Neville, Victoria Stewart, Hannah Tomlin, Kathryn Tracy & Esme Wise.

Chorus of Gondoliers: James Butterworth, James Carr & Stewart Roberts.



Violin I: Thomas Marlow (Leader) & Jessica Conway

Violin II: John Cummins & Rebecca Kay

Viola: Lucy Dearn & Jayni Smith

Cello: Jessica Kettle

Double Bass: Vanessa McWilliam

Horns: Robert Lee, Naomi Leverton, Micholas Tudor & Jake Watson

Trombone: Catherine Garman, Emma Lewis & David Sims

Flutes: Kathryn King & Sarah Morpurgo

Clarinet: Jenny Desborough, Louise Ford & Hannah Raban

Oboe: Becca Hart

Bassoon: Peter Smith

Percussion: Anna-Therese McGivern & Samuel Thompson


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