Main Show – The Gondoliers 2017

This is the 45th Main Show performed by the society. This is the Society’s 6th performance of The Gondoliers.

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Committee 2015/16

Chairperson: Claire Smith

Secretary: Miriam Gibson

Treasurer: Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen

Press & Publicity: Eleanor Dunsdon, Stefan Grant, Pollyanna Jenkins & Jenny Jones

Webmasters: David Charter & Callam Neville

Sponsorship, Fundraising & Outreach: Annabel Gipp, Adrian Horan & Lydia Worrall

Social Secretaries: Jacob Taylor & Emma Whitworth

Ordinary Members: Rob Carpenter, Alex Davison, Liam Penny & Dan Wade


The Gondoliers Crew:

Artistic Directors: Ellen Rhiannon Garbutt & Stefan Grant

Musical Director: Toby Randall-Paley

Technical Directors: Annabel Gipp, Charlotte Gower & Pierre-Alain van Griethuysen

Stage Manager: Nick Lay

Assistant Stage Managers: Chris Gibson, Dave Holiday & Ollie Nash

Lighting: Emily Blackman-Gibson

Set Design: Phil Brailey & Kim Fabian

Costume: Ellen Garbutt, Emma Whotworth & York Theatre Royal

Audition Accompanists: Jan Li Tan & Maxim Del Mar

Poster & Programme Design: Jenny Jones

Videography: Headley & Gnome


The Gondoliers Cast:

The Duke of Plaza-Toro: Alasdair Stroud

Luiz: Alex Davison

Don Alhambra Del Bolero: Ben Noble

Marco Palmieri: Jacob Taylor

Giuseppe Palmieri: Dan Wade

Antonio: David Charter

Giorgio: Callam Neville

The Duchess of Plaza-Toro: Jenny Jones

Casilda: Emma Whitworth

Gianetta: Amy Pezet

Tessa: Elizabeth Phippard

Fiametta: Alexandra Mather

Vittorio: Pollyanna Jenkins

Giulia: Ellie Newman

Inez: Xiao Li Wang

Chorus of Contandine: Miriam Gibson, Amina Victoria Lien & Claire Smith.

Chorus of Gondoliers: Robert Carpenter, Liam Penny & Alfie Talks.



Violin I: Fay Lenner & Francesca Peilober-Richardson

Violin II: Saskia Marshall & Eve Rimington

Cello: Oliver Dixon & Heich Needham

Flute: Lily Brown & Anna Palko

Oboe: Sally Watson-Trant

Clarinet: Charlotte Galbraith & Katherine Williams

Bassoon: Henry Davall & Stefan Petrycki

Trumpet: Sam Rees & Rebecca Seaton

Trombone: Katherine Bradshaw & Oliver Pickup

Percussion: Andy Blackwell

3 thoughts on “Main Show – The Gondoliers 2017

    • Hi Frances,

      Our evening performances are on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of February, with an additional matinee performance on the 25th. You will be able contact the box office at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre for more information or to book your tickets soon, however they aren’t currently available for purchase. We will be posting both on here and on our Facebook fan page as soon as our tickets go on sale. Fear not, they will definitely be available by Christmas (and we heartily approve of your taste in presents!).


  1. Fantastic. My wife and I have had immense pleasure in going to all but one of the University’s G & S productions. They have always been a joy and have been getting better and better – year on year. Looking forward to February. We wish you all every SUCCESS at The Rowntree Theatre.
    Tony and Ann Gregory.


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