The Mikado 1989

We’re currently looking for more information about this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This was the 17th Main Show performed by the society.

To go to the gallery for this production follow this link: The Mikado 1989 Gallery

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Committee 1988/89

President: Mike Green

Vice President: Patrick Moore

Hon. Vice President: Frank Banks

Chairperson: Daniel Jenkins

Secretary: Helen Briggs

Treasurer: Alison Hulford

Costumes: Jessica Helliwell and Claire Howarth

Production: David Pumfrey

Press & Publicity: James Geldard & Don Goodeve

Music Rep: Lynda Richardson

Ordinary Members: Lynda Jonson & Simon Bartlett


The Mikado Crew:

Director: Julie Leydon

Musical Director: Sue Shave

Production Manager: David Pumfrey

Production Manager’s Assistant: Ian Wesley

Lighting Engineer: Martin Atkins

Sound Engineers: Pete Ball & Adam Guest

Set Design: David Pumfrey

Stage Manager: David Hudson

Stage Crew: Emma Boger, Ailsa Carter-Waller, Andrew Dunn, Juliet Fox, Jane Gardner, Don Goodeve, Janet Goss, Alison Hulford, Rupert Hoare, Daniel Jenkins, Lynda Johnson, Charlotte Moody, Simon Moore, Lynda Richardson, Joan Smith & Nigel Wareing

Front of House: Derek Parsons, Ken Pratt, Stephen Purbrick, Ken Saunderson, Joan Smith & Joanne Tyszka

Repetiteurs: Lynda Richardson & Daniel Jenkins

Programme Designer: Martin Atkins, James Geldard & Don Goodeve

Poster Designer: James Geldard

Orchestra: Members of The VanBar Ensemble

Photography: David Pond & Ashley Wilson


The Mikado Cast:

The Mikado of Japan: James Merryweather

Nanki-Poo: Ashley Wilson

Ko-Ko: David Pond

Pooh-Bah: Paul Jackson

Pish-Tush: Wayne Holt

Yum-Yum: Sarah Branson

Pitti-Sing: Anna Reid

Peep-Bo: Kate Currey

Katisha: Geraldine Darlington

Chorus of Schoolgirls: Liz Allen, Catherine Anderson, Wendy Beale, Michele Beard, Julie Branson, Helen Briggs, Louise Brown, Rachel Brown, Deborah, Francis, Margaret Frisby, Paula Gentil, Susannah Gort, Jessica Helliwell, Claire Howarth, Alison Hulford, Helen Johnson, Lynda Johnson, Maureen King, Charlotte Moody, Becky Nicholson, Alison Nock, Judy Sutherland, Alison Tippett, Lisa Whanstall, Ailsa White, Julie Winkless.

Chorus of Nobles, Guards and Coolies: Simon Bartlett, Tom Duffy, John Foweraker, James Geldard, Don Goodeve, Tony Griffiths, Keith Hall, Daniel Jenkins, Alistair Joliffe, Douglas Jones, Will Sclater, Chris Terry, Bruce Walton & Andy Wrigglesworth.


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