The Mikado 1997

We’re currently looking for more information about this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This was the 25th Main Show performed by the society.

To go to the gallery for this production follow this link: The Mikado 1997 Gallery

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Committee 1996/97

President: Eric Brick

Vice President: Patrick Moore

Hon. Vice President: Frank Banks

Chairperson: Mhairi Sheail

Secretary: Helen Clark

Treasurer: Joanna Dube

Press & Publicity: Cal Dollings & Pippa Wills

Costumes: Rob Nightingale

Charities: Simon Offord

Music Librarian: Liz Ashby

Room Bookings: Hannah Judson


The Mikado Crew:

Director: Valerie Sim

Musical Director: Toby Sharp

Repetiteur: Michelle Grierson

Lighting: Stephen Cox, David Punfrey & Martin Atkins

Sound: Ollie Nash

Set Building: Stephen Cox, Ollie Nash, Deborah Hackett, Carolyn Snell & Abi Robertson

Stage Manager: Abi Robertson

Stage Crew: Deborah Hackett, Carolyn Snell, Mandy Pullan & Others

Properties: Liz Ashby & Helpers

Makeup: Donna Sharp


The Mikado Cast:

The Mikado: Andy Gledhill

Nanki-Poo: Ashley Wilson

Ko-Ko: Robert Nightingale

Pooh-Bah: David Bignell

Pish-Tush: Philip Bloomfield

Yum-Yum: Carole Carpenter

Pitti-Sing: Jessa Marshall

Peep-Bo: Becky Stokes

Katisha: Berry Hopkins

Chorus of Schoolgirls: Liz Ashby, Liz Bellarny, Fiona Bolam, Helen Clark, Rachel Cordell, Cal Dollings, Joanna Dube, Alexis Duckworth, Ruth Elleson, Sonja Greenhow, Carrie Jamieson, Hannah Judson,  Christine Potter, Mhairi Sheail,  Maria Thompson & Pippa Wills.

Chorus of Nobles: John Bradly, Allan Denney, John Morgan, Simon Offord, Marcus Steele, Rob Stephenson & Simon Thompson.



Leader: David Hodgson

Violin I: Emily Middleton

Violin II: Margaret Sawyer & Caroline Berger

Viola: Gemma Stretton & Alex Dottriege

Cello: Emma Creasey

Double Bass: Kate Bishop

Flute: Alison Nairn, Katherine Stevens & Lucy Bailey

Oboe: Laura Parkin

Clarinet: Andrew Potts & Catherine McKiernan

Bassoon: Ruth David

Horn: Dan Loveday & Heather Maclaren

Trumpet: Jonathon Dumville & Chris Kilner

Trombone: David York & Dominic Dumville

Percussion: Sarah Smith

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