The Mikado 2002

We’re currently looking for more information about this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This was the 30th Main Show performed by the society.

To go to the gallery for this production follow this link: The Mikado 2002 Gallery

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Committee 2001/02

President: Thomas Round

Vice President: Bruce Walton

Honorary Vice President: Frank Banks

Chairperson: Douglas Johnson

Secretary: Grant Hoyle

Treasurer: Tabitha King

Press & Publicity: Tom Indge & Tom Paine 

Ordinary Members: Joanna Paluch-Edwards & Jesper Phillips


The Mikado Crew:

Directors: Katie Ashmore & Rachel Green 

Musical Director: Alison Duncan

Technical Manager: Oliver Fisher

Set Design: Katie Ashmore, Alison Duncan & Rachel Green

Sound Operator: Oliver Fisher

Lighting Operators: Oliver Fisher, Mark Hughes & Simon Thompson

Repetiteur: Mark Swinton

Poster Design: Rachel Green

Programme Cover Design: Penny Grant

Costumes: Katie Ashmore, Helen Booth, Caz Gillman, Penny Grant, Sarah McLaren, Jenny Share & Julia Straw.


The Mikado Cast:

The Mikado of Japan: Alex Holland

Nankik-Poo: Chris Charlton

Ko-Ko: Richard Coppack

Pooh-Bah: Tom Paine

Pish-Tush: Douglas Johnson

Yum-Yum: Mairianne Reardon

Pitti-Sing: Julia Straw

Peep-Bo: Sarah McLaren

Katisha: Kath Cooper

Chorus of Male Villagers: Simon Blore, Charlie Foreman, Alex Gurney, Grant Hoyle, Tom Indge, Michael Prior-Jones, Jesper Phillips, Mark Swinton & Dave Tropman.

Chorus of Female Villagers: Helen Armstrong, Charlotte Biddle, Claire Bullen, Lauren Campy, Gemma Clydesdale, Ellie Course, Emma Decker-Thomas,  Rachel Frith, Penny Grant, Caz Gillman, Monika Grzesik, Imogen Hart, Tabitha King, Isy Mead, Joanna Paluch-Edwards, Anna Renton, Charlotte Santry. Jenny Share, Catherine Smallwood, Rebecca Smith, Heidi Starling, Phillipa Summerlee & Sarah Trevillion.



Violin: Carys Ottner (Leader), Chris Bluemel, Claire Burn, Matt King & Cordelia Williams

Viola: Vikki Brunning & Sheela Sujeeun

Cello: Sarah Easterby-Smith, Nick Hill, Freya von Monteuffel & Steven Purvis

Oboe: Ellen Wakeham

Clarinet: Fiona Dunthorne, Sarah McDowell, Sarah Roberts & Sarah Wightman

Flute: Liz Cook & Claire Rosser

Bassoon: Sophie Turfus

French Horn:  Andrew Cowley & Victoria Huntington

Trumpet: Claire Gay, Victoria Gilbert & Richard Taylor

Trombone: Mike Hay & Katherine Roper

Percussion: Toby Wardman

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