The Pirates of Penzance 1973

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This was the first production after the formation of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society in the academic year 1972/1973.

To go to the gallery for this production follow this link: The Pirates of Penzance 1973 Gallery

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Committee 1972/73

Chairperson: Frank Banks

Secretary: Alison Killin

Treasurer: Kevin Smith

Ordinary Members: Angela Fairhead and Ann Robinson


The Pirates of Penzance Crew:

Producer: Tony Hammes

Musial Director: Kevin Jones

Costume: Pat Smith

Lighting: Martin Edwards and Steve Shears

Scenery: York University Drama Society

Props: Fiona Fitzgibbons

Stage Manager: Mike Stone

Stage Hands: Paul Mariott and Steve Wilson


The Pirates of Penzance Cast:

Major-General Stanley: John Heritage

The Pirate King: Frank Banks

Samuel: Barry Chesney

Frederic: Geoff Lander

Sergeant of Police: Gordon James

Mabel: Jean Dowland

Edith: Ann Robinson

Kate: Alison Killin

Isabel: Lynds Blacklock

Ruth: Liz Waterhouse

Chorus of Pirates & Policemen: Keith Abbott, Brian Alford, Chris Chowne, Peter Clifford, Elliot Furneaux, Alan Lockett, Peter Hartindale, Kevin Smith and Mike Smith.

Chorus of General Stanley’s Daughters: Sheils Atkinson, Brenda Chinory, Kay Dawes, Pam Deft, Angela Fairhead, Maria Maillis, Cathy Pilling, Sylvia Potter, Ann Rigby, Rosemary Smith and Pauline Tunnell.

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