The Pirates of Penzance 2013

We’re currently looking for more information about this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This is the 41st Main Show performed by the society.

To go to the gallery for this production follow this link: The Pirates of Penzance 2013 Gallery


The Pirates of Penzance Crew

Artistic Directors: Chris and Lauren Charlton-Mathews

Musical Director: Dan Meeson


The Pirates of Penzance Cast

Major General Stanley: Stijn Hanson

The Pirate King: Ciaran Rafferty

Samuel: Thomas Newby

Frederic: Daniel Stanford

Sergeant of Police: Jake Muffett

Mabel: Andrea Eklund

Edith: Sophia Carroll

Kate: Katie Wood

Isabel: Grace Mortledge

Ruth: Morven Hamilton

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