The Sorcerer 2010

We’re currently looking for more information about this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This was the 38th Main Show performed by the society.

To go to the gallery for this production follow this link: The Sorcerer 2010 Gallery

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Committee 2009/10

Chairperson: Jenny Draper

Secretary: Chris Armstrong

Treasurer: James Gaughan

Press & Publicity: Cecily Blench & Morven Hamilton

Sponsorship & Merchandising: Jackie Smithers

Website: Michael Houston

Ordinary Members: James Butterworth, James Knowles & Lucy Pell-Walpole


The Sorcerer Crew:

Artistic Directors: James Knowles & Jenny Draper

Musical Director: Anna Stephenson

Technical Director: Michael Houston

Assistant Technical Director: Christopher Armstrong

Stage Manager: Chris Charlton

Assistant Stage Manager: Morven Hamilton

Sound Manager: Abigail Richardson

Assistant Sound Manager: Ben Whitelam

Lighting Manager: Nick Hall

Lighting Operator: Toby Foster

Follow-spot Operators: Ellen Cain & Ian Shaw

Stage Crew: Megan Bryan

Makeup: Liz Chadwick

Costumes: Jenny Draper

Programme Designer: Morven Hamilton & Michael Houston

Repetiteur & Photographer: Koki Imada


The Sorcerer Cast:

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre: J. Mark Pim

Alexis: Daniel Wilmot

Dr. Daly: Thomas Newby

Notary/Ahrimanes: James Gaughan

John Wellington Wells: Stuart Roberts

Lady Sangazure: Helena Culliney

Aline: Sarah David

Mrs. Partlet: Lauren Mathews

Constance: Lois Cross

Chorus of Peasantry: Cecily Blench, Kristy Brown, James Butterworth, Peter Estdale, Edward Hartshorne, Judith Huisman, Sian Lomax, Danielle Neville, Tom Nichol, Lucy Pell-Walpole, Hannah Tomlin & Esme Wise.



Flute: Amy Aumeer

Flute & Piccolo: Amelia Dowsett

Oboe: Tim Olive-Besley

Clarinet: Gonzalo Gonzalez Abad & Lois Thorpe

Bassoon: Natalie Rukuts

French Horn: Alex Milne & Tom Swinson

Trumpet: Lucy Martin & Jon Tandy

Trombone: Darryl Rayner

Percussion: Toby Wardman

Violin I: Victoria Inge and Lucy Shepherd

Violin II: James Taylor & Celina Wong

Viola: Michael Pollard

Cello: Rachel Smith

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