Wicked 2008

We’re currently looking for more information and pictures from this show. If you were part of this year, we would love to hear more about this production to add to this page! Contact us

This is the 19th Summer Show that appears in our archives.

A performance of ‘Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz’, a musical by Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman featuring the The Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba, and Glinda the Good in a setting before the arrival of Dorothy and the events of ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Gilbert & Sullivan Society Committee 2008/09

Chairperson: Christopher Armstrong

Secretary: Megan Bryan

Treasurer: James Gaughan

Website: Bill Ruddock

Press & Publicity: James Knowles, J Mark Pim & Jackie Smithers

Ordinary Members: Lois Cross, Jim Durdin, Morven Hamilton, Michael Houston & Emma Maksymowicz


Wicked Crew:

Artistic Director: Morven Hamilton

Musical Director: J. Mark Pim

Technical Director: Michael Houston

Stage Manager: Christopher Armstrong

Assistant Stage Manager: Lauren Wade

Lighting and Projection: Louise Barclay, Lin Mingyu, Aversa Sheldon and Tom Straszewski

Sound: Peter Harbottle and John Poon

Backstage: Lauren Conroy, Christine Hicks, Emma Maksymowicz, Thomas Newby and Ian Shaw

Front of House: Jessica Price

Projection Design: Beckie Senior

Programme Designer: James Knowles & Morven Hamilton


Wicked Cast:

Elphaba: Katharine Newman

Galinda/Glinda: Polly INgham

Fiyero: J Raphael F Richards

Boq: Stuart Roberts

Nessarose: Emma Bradley

The Wizard: Chris Charlton

Mme. Morrible: Lauren Kelly

Dr. Dillamond: James Gaughan

Frex: James Knowles

Melena: Helen Jones

Midwife: Jackie Smithers

Mysterious Stranger/Avarie: Jim Durdin

Pfanee: Ellen-Marie Winther

Shen-Shen: Jasmine Phillips

Head Guard: Bill Russock

Chorus: Emma Bradley, Megan Bryan, Lois Cross, Jim Durdin, Louise Flower, James Gaughan, Helen Jones, Lauren Kelly, James Knowles, Karrie Liu, Lauren Mathews, Jane Pankratz, Jasmine Phillips, J Raphael F Richards, Stuart Roberts, Bill Ruddick, Will Scobie, Beckie Senior, Jackie Smithers, Rachel Sykes & Ellen-Marie Winther.



Conductor: J Mark Pin

Synthesizer: Koki Imada

String Synthesizer: Lucy Martin

Flute: Lindsey Wiles

Oboe: Tim Olive-Besley

Clarinet: Rachel Baguley & Natalie Rukuts

Horn: Kate Hudson

Trumpet: Jon Tandy

Tuba: Michael Weekes

Electric Bass: Daria Polovina

Drum Set: Adam Leith

Percussion: Peter Chiles

Rehearsal Accompanist: Koki Imada



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